Teibowei Marie Therese Book Launch

The Partnership of ISPED in concert with other revered organizations paid off yesterday with the successful presentation of two illustrious books by Teibowei Marie Therese.

As one of ISPED commitment to Peace-building through education and entrepreneurship development, which Education is sacrosanct in ISPED’s agenda.

Books presented yesterday are:
1/ Practical French for Leisure and Tourism

2/ Learning Modern Communication Techniques in Business Communication.

Royal Father of the event:

HIGH CHIEF AMB. LAWAL AFRICAS  emphasize on the significance of such books which aside learning, serves as a tourist guide for visitors to Francophone countries. He further encourages book authoring should be part and culture of young people, “for its the only frigate that could take one distant lands without a border tariff”. 

Please do get yourself a copy for students and continuing learners. 

Patrick Inengite 
(Program Officer)

Chief Amb. Lawal Africas, Royal Father of the event
Author Marie Therese Teibowei presenting her books

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