ISPED is the acronym for Initiatives for sustainable peace and entrepreneurship development. As an NGO, our vision is to propel the growth of enterprises in our society. But this can only be attained when there is sustainable peace


  1. Engage youths in post conflict communities affected by violence through artistic, cultural, social entrepreneurship, leisure and sports activities to assist reintegrating former agitators back to their communities.
  2. Stimulate youth networking to promote intercultural values of dialogue, tolerance and peaceful co-existence, as well as community-building.
  3. Foster cultural understanding, religious tolerance, peace-building, conflict resolution, management and transformation;
  4. To educate and enlighten young people and women on their right to participate in the formulation of public policy and other decision making processes involving economic livelihood and sustainable peace.
  5. To Identify and train Potential youth, women ,people living with disabilities entrepreneurs to become economically self-reliable through Capacity building, mentorship, coaching as well as being active citizens who can bring positive change in the Society.
  6. To develop small and medium enterprises sector which is necessary for employment generation and wider dispersal of industrial ownership leading to rapid industrial development in the Society.
  7. To help in analysing the various options to select the most appropriate product suiting to the entrepreneur and the market.
  8. To network and discuss ways to promote close strategic and operational partnerships between the United Nations, national Governments and other key stakeholders, including international, regional and sub-regional organizations, international financial institutions, civil society organizations, women’s groups, youth organizations, and the private sector, taking into account national priorities and policies.